Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And Now...Charles Jensen. And For You, Open Mic.

It's getting kind of spooky. I keep asking really interesting poets to read, and they keep saying yes. Charles Jensen just came on for Friday, June 19. Among many other publications, he had some very chilling poems in No Tell Motel, whose editor Reb Livingston will be reading June 26, which I discovered poking around online late one night, and because I am an out-of-touch-with-literary-world person I was amazed at discovering, and I tried to read through all the archives that night, without success. I feel like a discount Kevin Bacon.

Plus, film. Here's his bio from his website, where you can also get links to some poems:

"Charles Jensen is the author of three chapbooks, including Living Things, which won the 2006 Frank O’Hara Chapbook Award, and The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon (New Michigan Press, 2007). His first full-length collection, tentatively titled The First Risk, is forthcoming in 2009 from Lethe Press. A past recipient of an Artist’s Project Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, his poetry has appeared in Bloom, Columbia Poetry Review, Copper Nickel, The Journal, New England Review, spork, and West Branch. He holds an MFA in poetry from Arizona State University and is currently pursuing an MA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. He is the founding editor of the online poetry magazine LOCUSPOINT, which explores creative work on a city-by-city basis. He serves as director of The Writer's Center, one of the nation's largest independent literary centers."

Photo: Blatantly stolen from his website as well.


  1. So how come you're not reading on the 26th? Will you be MCing, at least?

    And have you seen the space yet? I tried to get in there on Sunday, but it was locked.

  2. I'll def. be mc'ing--right now I'm penciled in on the 17th, but I'll bow out if I get some good news about another poet asked. Or just read real short.

    Space is GREAT! wide open and nice feng shui ya know.