Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Really Went On There? We Only Have This Excerpt.

I want to thank everyone who read at Artomatic as a featured reader or an Open Mic reader or who came to support or just who walked by and thought "hmmm." People were wonderful to indulge me.

And I want to apologize for conflating two poets from last week--Buck Downs was the fourth open mic reader, and it was Charlie who had the cookie. Both were pretty sensational, but I was blind in one eye by about 10 pm.

I hope anyone involved in any of the ways above will write me and let me know when you read, have a publication out, etc. I'm turning over some ways to possibly present regular readings, not the easiest deal in this economy. Powerball, baby! But really, I do have a few ideas--and if you have any, feel free to write and share.

I'm pushing back to my regular blog,

Finally, if you recognize where the headline quote is from and write me with a correct ID, I'll bring cookies to your next reading. No Googling (we're on the honor system).

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